Adaptive Living Means Removing Obstacles and Implementing Solutions

It’s this simple: prevent falls

Most falls occur in the bathroom. The risk of slipping on wet bathroom floors makes the bathroom the most dangerous room in the house. Prevent that fall before it happens.

  • Add grab bars and railings
  • Get a taller, safer toilet
  • Improve lighting
  • Reduce trip hazards at showers
    and tubs (could include roll in showers)

Move the laundry room out of the basement

More stairs to negotiate while carrying a load of laundry is a recipe for disaster. We’ll help you find a place on the first floor to relocate it.   We can help you place a safe ironing facility on the main floor.

Make your home’s entrance safer during dark or slippery conditions

You may never use your front door, but your friends do.

  • Create an attractive, safe and welcoming main entrance to your home with a zero step covered entryway.
  • Include a lighted pathway and motion sensor lighting or dusk to dawn lighting for night.

We can help you prevent that fall. We can do a home assessment to help identify the hazards in your home whether you have urgent needs, are planning for the future, or are just interested in making your home more inviting for friends and family.

Reinvent your kitchen with Universal Design

Sometimes we would rather sit while preparing meals, but our kitchen isn’t designed to allow us. Using Universal Design techniques our designers can create a space with

  • low shelves that roll out
  • upper shelves that lower for easy reach
  • cabinets that allow you to roll under the sink and cook top
  • switches and outlets relocated for easy reach
  • improved lighting

We can reinvent your kitchen making it more functional, beautiful and more valuable.  We can recommend the right step stool for you  needs.

Doorways and Passageways

  • Switch to levers instead of doorknobs. Ever try to turn a doorknob with keys in your hand? Change your doorknobs to levers and this problem is solved.
  • Push button entry. Tired of fumbling with door keys? Lets us install a push button entry door lock and just use your personal code. (No more keys)
  • Replace raised thresholds. Do you tend to trip over that raised threshold at doorways? We can remove that trip hazard with a flat threshold, easy fix.
  • Fix too narrow doorways. Doorways too narrow? We have a fix for that too. We can widen them, change to pocket doors, or just install swing clear hinges. You decide.
  • Entry door security. Do you need a solid entry door, or just a peep hole added at the right height?
  • Additional hand rails. Adding hand rails to both sides of a hallway and stairs is an inexpensive insurance policy. We can help you prevent that fall.
  • Easy-open windows. Are your windows easy to open? We can repair or replace them, it is up to you.