Adaptive Living Partners Make Your Home Meet Your Unique and Evolving Needs

Adaptive Living Partners offer a different, highly specialized kind of custom home renovation: we are trained, certified and experienced in assessing and implementing safe, accessible and aesthetically pleasing home modifications for individuals with physical challenges who wish to stay in the home they love.

How to Stay Safe at Home

It’s this simple: preventing a debilitating fall is how you keep your independence. Simple, inexpensive fixes can be all it takes to keep you in your home.

What you can do yourself

Use a Night Light

for trips to the bathroom or kitchen

Toss Out Throw Rugs

They can trip you

Extension Cord Hazards

Remove them from traffic flow and under rugs and furniture

What we can do for you

Grab Bars in the Shower

Extra Handrails by Stairs

Convert Tub to Barrier Free Shower

Eliminating steps lowers the risk of tripping and falling. This includes:

  • Moving the laundry room from the basement; we can find a place to relocate in on the main floor

  • Adding a lift or ramp inside the garage

  • Wheel chair access: widen door ways, lower cabinets and appliances

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