Who should be at the first meeting?
Answer: This is important. All those who you want to be a part of this decision should be there. This means the client, spouse, responsible family members and any therapy or legal representation with whom you are already working.

How long does it take to get something done after the first meeting?
Answer 1: Good question. If the home assessment is a result of the client being released from a rehabilitation unit to return home, the process will need to be fast tracked. Quite often, the family will be notified within a couple of days prior to release. If permission to return home is contingent upon making some home modifications, there’s no time to spare. Adaptive Living Partners is prepared to speed up the assessment to recommendation process. It is then up to the decision makers to commit to a plan of action. Remember “We’re in this together.”

Answer 2: Assuming there is no urgent need for action, we can proceed at a pace that is comfortable for the client.

Who decides what is needed?
Answer 1: If you contact us, one of our assessment specialists will visit your home and discuss your concerns. We will then collaborate with our staff, consultants or partners, and make our recommendations. You decide what gets done.

Answer 2: If your initial contact is with an occupational therapist, rehab organization, or similar agency, Adaptive Living Partners may be asked to participate in your home assessment. Again, it is a collaborative effort of like-minded professionals from different perspectives that will make the recommendations, but you and your family decide what modifications to authorize. You have the final say.

What does all this cost?
Answer: One of our home assessment professionals will meet with you and your family at absolutely no cost. We will discuss your concerns and make recommendations. You only pay for any home modifications that you feel you or your loved one needs.

What if I can’t afford the improvements that are needed?
Answer: Our staff can help determine what financial assistance for which you may qualify. There are many community assistance programs available as well as Medicare, Medicaid and VA subsidies.

Does Adaptive Living Partners only work with Seniors?
Answer: No. You don’t have to be up in years to have physical limitations.
People of any age can be challenged due to disease, accident, or injury. We have staff who specialize in working with adults of all ages with disabilities. (See Consultants)

What do you rent?
Answer: Fortunately, we rent the most common item needed for only a short while.
Ramps: A permanent ramp built to code is an investment for sure, but a temporary one can be had for a fraction of the cost, and then we remove it when it is no longer needed.